Barred From Entry

What it's like to be a security guard for hire in a city with one of the top party schools in the nation and one of the dirtiest strip clubs on the planet. As told from the perspective of a charismatic, sometimes socially awkward, semi-nerdy writer with way too much fucking time on his hands. Oh, and there's pictures!

The word, "Stripper" is mentioned over 30 times.
The word, "Fuck" is mentioned over 150 times.
The word, "Cocaine" is mentioned over 10 times.

True stories? Yes.
Fights? Yes.
Drugs? Yes.
Sex? Yes.

Best 50 Pages Ever!

You've managed to squeeze 60 years of trauma into 30.

-My Therapist


I'd buy your books.

-My Friend Rachel



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Road House Is A Great Fucking Movie

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