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Meet Ben Terhune. At 34 years of age, this guy has accomplished more cool shit in his brief period on this Earth than most people will in their entire lives. College grad, business owner, Army Veteran, off-grid homesteader, PTSD survivor, and a well known writer in the more obscure socially awkward misanthropic circles of the Internet. At 7 books and counting with various other published works featured on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon he's now trying his hand at podcasting and stand-up comedy. You can find his various abortions of the English language on Amazon by searching for Broken Bonds and Barred From Entry, with more to come from this very website, as he uses this as a starting point for future self-publishing. When he's not writing, he's often refurbishing old coffee tables and avoiding any and all forms of intimacy.

Ben is the co-host of the dark satire comedy podcast, "Death By Cheeseburger", and a content creator. You can find him on Youtube under "Totally Offensive Comedy".  Want to book him for a stage appearance or as a guest speaker for a writing workshop? He'll try anything once, maybe even twice if he likes it.

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