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Yeah, I can't believe I'm selling 5 years of my life's work for about a dollar a book either, but I am. Let me explain how all this shit works. I barely have any money to put into these books as projects and I use slightly less than competent students from a local university or down on their luck authors to help edit my books. After my books are molested and rather poorly edited by a drunken barely 20-something college coed or any angry old man, I then run to my computer and upload them as quickly as possible to a secure online delivery service with bomb ass encryption methods, so that you can receive whatever book you've chosen to buy from me directly in your e-mail inbox in for the form of a nifty .pdf file. So what exactly does all this shit mean? It means that for $1.30 cents,  you're definitely going to get a book with some typos and grammatical errors, but that book is going to be funny as fuck and probably unlike anything you've ever read. Lastly,  as I'm big on the sharing of information and media, I'm not going to get all  bent out of shape if you steal my books and then share them with your friends. Quite frankly, I wish I could provide all my books for free, but honestly, this website costs money to host and maintain and so do the opportunities it presents; so the best I can possibly offer you is pieces of my life's work for about a dollar. Lastly and I think this needs to be said, if you're a publisher, just know that I know your average shelf life is around 2 years and that I'm not a fan of making one sided royalty deals or signing over the rights to my work for years at a time with no say in how it's produced or where it's sold. So, to prospective publishers, go fuck yourselves.

Barred From Entry

​What it's like to be a security guard for hire in a city with one of the top party schools in the nation and one of the dirtiest strip clubs on the planet. As told from the perspective of a charismatic, sometimes socially awkward, semi-nerdy writer with way too much fucking time on his hands. Oh, and there's pictures!

The word, "Stripper" is mentioned over 30 times.
The word, "Fuck" is mentioned over 150 times.
The word, "Cocaine" is mentioned over 10 times.


True stories? Yes.
Fights? Yes.
Drugs? Yes.
Sex? Yes.


Broken Bonds

  • Domestic Violence? He referred to that as family bonding.

  • Emotional Abuse? That was reserved for when he was too tired to hit me.

  • Alcoholism? That was what he called breakfast.

  • Negligence? That was just his way of saying that he needed some alone time.

It wasn't just dysfunctional, it was down right disturbing. These are the true stories of my childhood struggle for acceptance and understanding in a place where neither were seldom found.

Black Kat Of Midnight Storms

Who are these people, and why can they change into animals? Am I losing my mind, or are shapeshifters real? I can’t help but to keep asking myself these things as I continue to work through these memories. Do I have a daughter? Is she alive, or do I believe the memory of her death? The last few months have taken my life and flipped it upside down. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I don’t know what is real and what is fantasy.

Luna must now try to regain her lost memories after witnessing a brutal assault. She must hide and hope the pair who are trying to kill her can not find her. All the while trying to work through the memories, she's not sure are real. Can she manage not only to find out who she is but also save herself and her family?

Totally Offensive Comedy
Coloring Book

-25 Totally Offensive/Hilarious Custom Images

-More Than Just Memes

-Hand Drawn Professional Art

-So Relatable You'll Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

-Easy .JPG Format

-Print Them Out Or Use Your Favorite Photo Editor

Breaking The Cycle

Sometimes you have to admit to yourself that you're not normal and commit yourself to a psychiatric facility for 5 days and then immediately undergo 8 months of intense therapy. This is the story of how I came to terms with the fact that the people who were supposed to love me the most, were the people who habitually broke me down the most. These are the daily blog entries of how I went from being heavily medicated to being labeled as "ultra high functioning" all in less than a year's time. From my white trash upbringing complete with sexual abuse to my adult years where my first and only marriage ended in nothing but tears and tragedy. This is how I learned to live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Coming Soon

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