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My Projects


I do more in a given year than most people do in four. Currently I'm the co-host of one popular podcast and the primary host of an obscure one. I've been doing errant wayward open mic shows in comedy clubs for months and I'm continuously writing. I narrate anything and everything to do with my life and I've also had a supernatural fiction novel on the shelf for over 18 months that I have yet to finish writing. I'm all over social media, whether it be FB or Youtube, and I'm constantly promoting myself and other authors and comedians. I am the type of person who will spend my last dollar if I know I can make 10 more from the initial investment. I'm a passionate, goal-driven, ambitious type of person who doesn't have a penchant for bullshit or excuses.


Co-Host of Death By Cheeseburger


Death By Cheeseburger is literally a podcast where two angry fat guys cook cheeseburgers on a hot plate and interview knowns and unknowns while making politically incorrect jokes and talking about current events. It's completely organic, off the cuff, and unscripted. We get 5x more listeners than the average podcast and we have a small, but ever growing following on social media. We're currently in the beginning stages of getting sponsorship and our guest list is growing just as fast as our base of regular listeners. Check out the links.


Totally Offensive Comedy


My own personal brand of comedy. Reactions, Reviews, and Roasts. So far I've gotten comments on my Youtube channel from Cowboy Troy, Ryan Upchurch, and Mr. Beast just to name a few.


Ghost Writing and Reviews

If you're an aspiring author, I will review whatever the fuck you send me. I don't care what tone it's written in, or what genre it falls under. Whatever the fuck "it" is, I will read it and review it. A lot of authors out there pay for reviews or beg for them all over social media. I won't ask you to do either. All I ask is that you send me a copy of your latest work, and I'll give it a thorough and completely honest review. Now if you're someone who can't write, I will happily ghost write your manuscript or memoir for 5 cents a word. That's a few cents cheaper than what most authors would charge and I have no problem with meeting deadlines providing that you pay me on time.

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